Scott’s Place

You could say, I’m passionate about growing passionfruit!

My wife and I, along with our two teenage daughters, have lived on our 4 acre property in Te Puna since the end of 2001. We are surrounded by greenery and native bird life and are very grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

After growing tomatoes for more than 15 years, I needed a new challenge and that’s exactly what I got when I started growing passionfruit and I have never looked back. I am fortunate to be part of a team of growers who are all willing to help each other to achieve our goals

I am super excited to be part of the ‘The Passionfruit Place’ as we aim to deliver the highest quality passionfruit from the BOP to your door.

Scott Pilcher

Purple Passion

Two years ago, ask me if I would be growing passion fruit, the answer would have been no. Fate had another outcome and here I am growing passionfruit. One of the persuading reasons, the unique taste and that I enjoy eating passion fruit.

Hi l’m Nic and here’s a little bit of history about myself. I have dairy farmed for 32 years, switching to truck driving, still servicing the farming community, for 9 years. Leaving Reporoa behind for a warm sunny place by the beach in Athenree, where my orchard issituated.

My goal is to provide top quality fruit at a price where all NZders can afford. I have joined a small like minded group of growers who have similar objectives to bring to your door a tasty high gradefruit.

Nic Boeyen

Paul Goldsmith

Located in the Western Bay of Plenty is a lovely country town – Katikati, also known as the “Mural Town” It is also the location of one of the more special orchards in New Zealand. A Golden Passionfruit orchard.

20 years ago this location was simply an orchard full of standard Purple Passionfruit vines. That year a purple vine was cross pollinated with a yellow passion fruit vine and a new hybrid Gold variety was created.

During the following 20 years the owners have dedicated themselves to converting the original (totally purple) orchard into what is now the home of Gold Passionfruit – with over 300 golden vines growing there. These Gold Passionfruit are sweeter, less acidic and more aromatic than the normal Purple variety. From the very beginning, all these Golden fruit have been exported overseas. There’s a strong demand for them in America, therefore they’ve never before been sold to the New Zealand public in any great numbers.

Paul Goldsmith, considers himself fortunate to be the current owner of the only commercial Gold Passionfruit orchard in the country and he’s decided this year to finish exporting to the states and, for the first time, is going to make all his special fruit available throughout NZ via “The Passionfruit Place” Website.

Passionfruit is a summer crop, the season in this particular orchard runs from February to May each year. Naturally, because the Gold passionfruit is only grown in limited numbers (one orchard) and for a limited time (3 to 4 months) NOW is the time for you to act, if you want get your hands on these beautiful and unique fruit.

Paul Goldsmith

Tony Wright

Like all young kids, I grew up with a Passionfruit vine in the backyard and it was my favourite fruit, the vine was huge and would have heaps of fruit on it each year, they seemed so easy to grow.

During my Military career every property we lived in I would plant a passionfruit vine not only for the fruit it would grow but to also remind me of home and growing up. Later in life when it was a time for change it just seemed natural to buy a Passionfruit fruit orchard which we did in the sunny Bay of Plenty. The orchard we brought was a small outdoor orchard and needed some TLC to bring it back to life. Four years ago I decided to build a greenhouse and move the crop indoors, I decided that the way I grow passionfruit outside was not going to work indoors so a large learning curve developed and here I am today.

Being mindful of our environment is important to me so here I am today growing top quality Passionfruit to be delivered to your door in a 100% off grid self-sustainable greenhouse. 

I am proud to be a part of The Passionfruit Place, a group of growers who share the same values and goals of being able to provide fresh Passionfruit straight to you and your family.

Perhaps it may be time to have a go at growing your own?

Tony Wright

Delivered fresh from our orchards to your door